Oil Studios

Oil Studios Oil Studios is an award winning digital media company spun out from Oil Productions Ltd.

Oil Studios has created a software technology that enables intellectual property such as a product brands,  TV programme, a book,  or any “big” concept to be exploited and monetised across different platforms such as TV, Online and Mobile.

Oil’s market space is at the cutting edge of digital media convergence where; social media meets games; entertainment meets interaction; TV meets iPhone apps and multi-player on-line games.


Oil’s formats have to date been funded by broadcasters and brands. ‘Routes’ won the equivalent of a digital ‘Oscar’ from the British Internet and Multimedia Association for ‘cross-platform’, funded by Channel4 and the Wellcome Trust. The founders of Oil Studios are now seeking investment to enable them to complete existing deals,  co-venture with IP owners and fully exploit the Format potential. This is an opportunity to invest in a company with a strong defensible competitive advantage with a scaleable revenue model able to generate a return on investment in excess of 10 times over five years.

Oil Studios: http://c2h6.com/

Catalyst’s Role

Catalyst is currently working with Oil  to develop a business plan and funding strategy to raise the funding required. Please contact Richard Turner directly on 01225 331498 for further information.