Investor Director Programme

Catalyst provides Investor Directors (ID’s) to early stage companies. Currently the Catalyst database has over 3000 individuals with industry experience ranging from medical devices to the Oil industry.

These ID’s are highly qualified and willing to invest in fast growth early stage companies.

Typically ID’s are successful business people who want to diversify their own investment portfolio and are seeking opportunities to work with early stage companies where they can use their expertise, have some influence on the strategy and operation of the company and generally make a difference.

The origins of the programme lie in Catalyst’s experience of building early stage companies. We recognised that the right Chairman/Non Executive Directors can have a transformative effect on early stage companies: they can open up opportunities, prevent obvious strategic and operational errors, and catalyse change.

As our case studies show, the IDP can benefit all types of companies. If you are interested, have a look to see if your company might qualify and the 3 steps to applying.

Catalyst Investor Director Overview.