Company Buyout

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A “Buy In” is the acquisition of a company by a new management team, generally backed with funding provided by a private equity investor. A “Buy Out” is the acquisition of a company by the existing management team backed by a private equity investor.

Buyins and Buyouts have represented the fastest growing area of private equity activity over the last decade, and a number of variations on the concept have evolved:
The BIMBO – a combined buyin/buyout, where the management team is a mixture of incumbent and new directors.
The IBO – institutional buyout, where a private equity investor itself identifies and acquires a target company and employs a team to manage it.

Public to Private transactions, where a publicly quoted company is acquired by investors and management and delisted from the quoted market.

Secondary buyins, where existing private equity investors and management of a company are bought out and replaced with a new management team and investors.

Management Buyout cartoon