Guaranteed Bond

New! The Catalyst Guaranteed Bond

Catalyst has teamed up with a Chinese investment bank to offer a new long term Bond product into the European and US  market. The Bond is effectively a long term loan with a bullet repayment. It is very flexible and  suitable for a range of uses including: expansion finance,  management buyouts, company acquisition,  capital and property development. The Bond carries an interest rate of 12% and a repayment term of up to six years.

The minimum size of the Bond is £5million although funds can be drawn down over an 18 month period. 

Case Studies

• A UK leasing company used the bond to finance the acquisition of another leasing company. The purchase price was £15 million. The company provided £3 million equity. The Bond size was £12 million.

• A property development company used the Bond to develop sites already owned.  The value of the sites was £5 million prior to development. The cost of the development £10 million. The Bond size was £10 million.

Look interesting? Please contact Richard Turner for more information.