Getting an ID

There is a three step process to joining the Investor Director Programme:

1. We review the company’s business plan and work with them to ensure that they meet the qualifications and are communicating the message appropriately. We identify with the management team the ideal profile of individuals required. This may be a Chairman with a good industry contact list, sales and marketing specialist, technical/operational expert; or a financial director.

2. We solicit interest from members of the programme by circulating an anonymous profile of the company. Interested members are then contacted to ensure that they meet the profile and then an executive summary is sent to them to allow them, to better gauge their interest. Selected individuals are then sent a copy of the business plan under an NDA. Meetings are then arranged with the company and offers are invited from both sides to establish an agreement in principle.

3. Having established a heads of agreement we then help to close the deal. This can involve a range of tasks from providing guidance on suitable tax and legal advisers to appropriate service agreements.




If you think the IDP is for you please contact us for an informal discussion.