Venture Capital Finance

Catalyst works with established businesses to help them raise funding for growth. We are actively seeking private technology and media companies looking to raise between £500 000 and £5m, who can match the following criteria:

• Strong energetic management team

• Focused business strategy

• Innovative products or services

• High growth opportunity

• Strong IP or potential to achieve market leadership positions

• Clear exit strategy

How we work

There are a number of options available when seeking venture capital finance and we make it our mission to find the solution that fits. If we think your business proposition is viable, we will look carefully at your business plan and arrange a meeting with you. We will work with you on valuing your company, assessing your management and fine tuning your exit strategy.

Strategic Funding Partnerships

Are you looking for help to raise finance to take your business to the next level but lack the time and/or expertise to do it on your own? At Catalyst we know how time consuming and distracting it can be to find investment which is why we have set up our Strategic Funding Partnerships. We can work with you in the medium to long term to find investment while you concentrate on the day job. Fees are primarily results driven. .

Please contact us for more information or send your business plan to us at