Rockpool creates tax-efficient investments for individuals. As a network of successful entrepreneurs, who invest their own money directly, Rockpool is well aligned with the types of companies that Catalyst works with.

 Rockpool’s main focus is to:
• offer access to high quality UK private companies
• make investing in private equity and other alternative investments easier
• ensure that information on the performance of your investments is always at your fingertips

Funds or direct investing:
Rockpool’s range of tax-efficient funds is designed to offer portfolio diversity and the least possible hassle for investors. Qualified investors – generally those with £500,000 or more to invest – can also invest directly in individual Rockpool opportunities by joining the Rockpool Network.  In this way you can build your own bespoke portfolio of investments.

You can find out more about Rockpool at their website. If you are interested in becoming an investor please get in contact with us.