Catalyst launches new website

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As you can see we have just launched our new web site and are very excited about the future and the opportunities which lay ahead. After two years of doldrums we think that the technology sector will spark into life and once again become a key source of growth in the UK economy and we want to play a leading role in stimulating that expansion. (more…)


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Catalyst has successfully advised accelerator member EVRS Ltd on the
completion of £600,000 “series A” financing provided by a group of private
EVRS has developed a new approach to waste recycling. The EVRS
approach combines a well understood hydrolysis process with proprietary
additives and catalysts to rapidly convert all organic matter into pure cellulose. (more…)


Jeremy LawrenceLocal company steps in to support businesses left high and dry by the banks.

Catalyst IFG  is offering a new financial product that aims to fill the financial vacuum left by the banks in the wake of the credit crunch. It’s invoice discounting Jim, but not as we know it!

Unlike the traditional debt-factoring model, IFG buys individual invoices or groups of invoices in one-off transactions. This provides an exceptionally fast, flexible and cost effective way of bringing money into cash-starved businesses. The service is fast and clients only use and pay for what they actually need. Because IFG buys individual invoices (rather than the whole book of debtors) its main concern is that those invoices will get paid. This means it can look at propositions which banks would find much too risky. (more…)