Richard TurnerI have Just came back from a two day biotech conference. I go to conferences to meet people, find opportunities, and keep up to date with the sector – probably in the that order. Inevitably I get my fair share of impromptu pitches and I am always amazed at the gap between the expectations of entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs typically play down risk, over value propositions, and under estimate the time it takes to do anything. Excessive bullishness does not instil confidence it breeds suspicion and a lack of credibility. Investors want to see realistic targets. I would much rather have the view that the entrepreneur was being excessively cautious rather than over optimistic. The mantra should be “under promise over deliver”.


What do clients want?

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Richard TurnerI had a very interesting meeting today with our executive search company where we were discussing what do clients want? It seemed to boil down to three things: someone who understands their business; someone who can assess individuals so that they meet their needs; and someone who can provide people who meet the bill. In short it’s all about not wasting clients time. This leads me to the conclusion that specialisation is the key.

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